We Think Gymnast Derrian Gobourne Wakes Up Flawless — Watch Her Beyoncé Floor Routine

Growing up as a gymnast, my floor music wasn't very exciting. The songs I chose to leap and flip along to for my last few seasons in the sport during high school were intense and, for the most part, in the realm of classical music. That's why I love collegiate gymnastics performances so much — the majority of them are set to songs that you've probably heard on the radio. Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy"? Plenty of gymnasts worked that hit track into their routines this year. Beyoncé, too, has taken over.

Auburn University sophomore Derrian Gobourne, who tied with three others for the NCAA vault title last year, has a Queen Bey routine set to some of the artist's greatest hits: "Flawless," "End of Time," and, one of my personal favorites, "Countdown." You'll hear "Flawless" in the beginning, "End of Time" leading up to her second tumbling pass, and finally "Countdown." Mixed throughout, also, is a band performance reminiscent of Beyoncé's Homecoming: The Live Album recorded at Coachella in 2018.

Derrian shows it off during this routine. Her energy is high, and her dance moves are on point — not to mention she flat-out sticks the landing on her last tumbling pass, a high-flying double pike, at the end. After presenting to the judges, Derrian exits the floor by placing an imaginary (but well-deserved) crown on her head.

Above, watch the full routine from Auburn's Feb. 7 competition against the University of Kentucky, where Derrian tied her career-high on floor by receiving a 9.950. That's half of a tenth away from a perfect 10. It's no coincidence that her Instagram bio reads, "QUEEN D"!