12 Wellness Platforms Created by Indigenous People You Should Be Following

The conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion in health and wellness comes up periodically without any transformative change within the $4.5 trillion industry. It's evident that wellness is predominately marketed towards white people and is often seen as an exclusive luxury.

Although the health and wellness industry isn't reflective of the various lifestyles, cultures, races, and ethnicities around the world and in the US, wellness is for everyone and should be accessible for everyone, which is why marginalized people are reclaiming the wellness space.

For Native and Indigenous people, wellness is interwoven in their cultures and have been practiced since the beginning of time. The following platforms are committed to improving the well-being of Indigenous people by decolonizing wellness, helping Indigenous people deal with historical trauma, reconnecting with the land, and connecting cultural and traditional teachings to support a healthy lifestyle.


Indigenous Women Hike

Indigenous Women Hike was founded by Jolie Varela and is a hiking community for Indigenous women with the mission of healing through their inherent connection to the land. Through this mission, they're reclaiming outdoor spaces, hiking to bring awareness to issues that impact the Indigenous community, and educating people about the politics and history of outdoor spaces and the violent removal of Indigenous people from these lands.


Indigenous Circle of Wellness

Indigenous Circle of Wellness was founded by Monique Castro and provides culturally inclusive and holistic counseling services for Native, Indigenous, Black, and people of color, connecting them with their sacredness so they can thrive.


Native Wellness Institute

The Native Wellness Institute was created to promote the well-being of Native people through programs focusing on the teaching and trainings of their ancestors. A few projects it's focusing on are adult leadership, youth leadership, workplace wellness, and healthy relationships.


The Indigenous 20-Something Project

The Indigenous 20-Something Project is a part of the Native Wellness Institute and is an inter-tribal movement bringing healing and wellness to those in their 20s with the mission of ending intergenerational trauma.


Indigenous Motherhood

Indigenous Motherhood was founded by Andrea Landry and is a platform helping mothers heal from colonialism through heart work and how they choose to raise their children. "For our nations to thrive, we must thrive as parents, families, and communities," she says on the Indigenous Motherhood website.


Indigenous Women Rising

Indigenous Women Rising was founded by Rachael Lorenzo, Malia Luarkie, and Nicole Martin and is a platform aimed at making sexual and reproductive justice accessible for Native and Indigenous people.


Indigenous Womxn Climb

Indigenous Womxn Climb was founded by Erynne Gilpin and is a community for Indigenous, womxn climbers rooted in inspiring, transforming, and decolonizing the outdoors.


Indigenous Climate Action

Indigenous Climate Action was founded by Alberta Indigenous women, and is an organization centering Indigenous people as leaders in the climate change discourse. "Our work is grounded in four main pathways: gatherings, resources and tools, amplifying voices, and supporting Indigenous sovereignty," it says on their website.


Indigenous Lotus

Indigenous Lotus was founded by Victoria Marie Wáčhiŋhiŋ Máza Wíŋyaŋ (Iron Plume Woman) and was created to help Indigenous people live healthier through learning how to self-heal via the mind-body connection. She is also a yoga instructor, and Indigenous Lotus provides events including yoga classes, wellness workshops, and courses.


Well For Culture

Well For Culture was created by Chelsey Luger and Thosh Collins and is an Indigenous wellness initiative promoting holistically well lifestyles. Their mission is to reclaim and revitalize Indigenous health and wellness through ancestral health, movement as medicine, mind-body-spirit optimization, and the Seven Circles of Wellness.


Native Women Running

Native Women Running was created by Verna Volker and is a platform giving visibility to, empowering, and encouraging Native women in the running community.


Indigenous Wellness Collective

Indigenous Wellness Collective is based in Los Angeles and is a wellness community that provides workshops to support the body, heart, mind, and spirit.