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Easy Ways to Set Yourself Up For an Effective Workout

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A great workout begins before you even step foot in a gym. Teaming up with the TENCEL™ brand, we're sharing tips for making the most out of your fitness routine — including wearing feel-good, eco-friendly fabrics.

If your New Year's resolution has anything to do with fitness, chances are you're aiming to make the absolute most out of your time in the gym. After all, an efficient workout is an effective one. And while showing up may be half the battle, the other half is a combination of hard work, consistency, and the right prep.

Regardless of fitness level, starting your training off on the right foot is essential to not only successfully completing your workout but also seeing your long-term goals become a reality. From sporting comfortable, breathable gear to properly fueling your body, the following tips will help take your fitness game to the next level.