The #NormalizeNormalBodies Instagram Hashtag Is What Every Woman Needs to See

Scrolling through Instagram and seeing perfectly smooth, toned, and posed bodies can feed the self-consciousness you feel about your own body, which in turn can encourage some unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. But if you scroll through the hashtag #NormalizeNormalBodies, you'll breathe a sigh of relief to see photos that look like you, complete with belly rolls, cellulite, and stretch marks. These women are starting a revolution to help other women feel proud of their bodies, and here are a few of my faves.

"This is for those who have covered themselves up.⁣ Who have been ashamed of their bodies.⁣ . . For those who are afraid of being seen because of them. ⁣It is okay for everybody and every body to have stretch marks.⁣"

"Let's TALK about rolls, stretch marks, dimples, cellulite. They're normal! The vast majority of people experience one or all of these things in their lifetime. Contrary to popular belief, there is no 'picture perfect' body. You got a body? Take a picture of it. Wear what you want. Flaunt it, or don't. It's about you!! Whenever you feel judged, just remember there are a lot more people out there who think you are great just the way that you are and are here to support you."

"Another day with stretch marks, loose skin and some extra squish and I feel . . . perfectly fine, actually. Health and wellness are not measured in abs, friends."

"Yep! My house is a mess. That's totally normal.
My belly has saggy skin. That's totally normal.
I have bags under my eyes and that's normal too.
I think I last washed my hair last week and guess what? That's normal!
It's ok not to have it all together, to be a bit of a mess and have things not all in order. That's totally normal. This is LIFE and it's OK!"

"On a mission to normalize tummy rolls.
On a mission to normalize all shape and sizes.
On a mission to make women realize you don't have to have six pack abs to be considered 'fit' or worthy.
On a mission to help women realize it's not about how your body looks, it's about the things you do to take care of it physically, mentally, and emotionally."

"Goals are great. Fitness is fantastic.
But do not pursue these things at the EXPENSE of your mental health.
How we speak TO OURSELVES is so important.
And like a toxic friend, we can bully our dreams. Our hopes. We can crush our plans before they even start.
Let's not call our bodies 'issues.' Let's focus on being strong. Balanced. Healthy. Powerful.
Not for all the things we hate about ourselves, but for all the parts we love.
Because front or back, soft or strong, no part of us is an ISSUE.
Not even one bit."

"Your worth is not tied to your size, ability, age, gender, career, color, health, shape, skin or education. That is all, carry on."

"Rolls and creases do not make you any less worthy of love. My body has been through a lot and I will always love it for carrying me through."

"Here's a picture of my lumpy butt because vacation and life are about having fun and enjoying things. And that's really hard to do when you hate yourself. Besides, nobody's fuckin perfect."

"'I can't wear grey leggings because I have cellulite.'
This thought crossed my mind every time I saw someone rocking their cute grey leggings.
It wasn't until literally last week, I decided to put on these grey leggings, and decide to say 'EFF WHAT SOCIETY HAS MADE ME THINK MY BODY SHOULD LOOK LIKE,' that I finally felt confident enough to go out in public in grey leggings.
Your cellulite is SO normal. It's SO unimportant. And grey is JUST a color. A color that if you want to wear, you CAN."