Say Hello to the Body Book — Your Destination for All Things Health

Jordan Kay
Jordan Kay

One of the major things the past year and a half has put into perspective is health — not just in the physical sense, but also everything from mental health to sexual health and beyond. And while the pandemic may be slowing down in the US, our commitment to being informed, active participants in our health and well-being should still be top of mind.

So, we at POPSUGAR, in partnership with Clorox, decided to collaborate with Seeker and NowThis to create a destination dedicated to giving you a better understanding of your body, bust common myths, and explore how sex and gender impact health. Say hello to the Body Book: a resource you can turn to that's free of judgment, and focused on helping you advocate for yourself. We want to help you change the way you see your health by arming you with knowledge, power, and the ability to demand the care you need.

Within the Body Book, you'll find informative videos from NowThis and Seeker showing everything from TikTokers helping teens with eating disorders to an exploration of the blood-brain barrier. You'll also get a range of POPSUGAR articles covering topics like how to choose the right ob-gyn, how to take care of your immune health as you re-enter the world post-pandemic, and why your daily routine can affect your skin.

Bookmark the Body Book, and take some time to read, watch, and learn so you can shape the way forward to better health now and always.