Iskra Lawrence Not Fitting in Her Jeans Holds a Powerful Message: Your Body Will Change

Iskra Lawrence is one of those celebrities and models who uses her social media platform to spread important messages around body image — and her Instagram Reels video from Nov. 18 is no exception. In it, she recognizes that a pair of jeans will not fit her, but instead of getting discouraged, she gets real.

"It's crazy how quick some fabric can attack our self esteem," Lawrence wrote in the caption. "Well NOT TODAY JEANS." Just reading that is an empowering message, but she goes on. "My self love journey has not been perfect or linear. My body has continued to support me through every season of my life. I refuse to give up on loving myself."

Also, Lawrence points specifically to how her body — and her outlook on her body — is not the same since giving birth to her first baby in April. She said she's found a new respect for what her body can do. "I can no longer let insignificant struggles or negative thoughts mean anything when I know the incredible journey we've been through together," she wrote.

In the video, you'll see Lawrence trying on jeans that still have the tag on them. When she realizes they won't fit, she admit that her body has changed a lot in the past year — and that's OK because your weight and your size, she said, is not constant. "So next time you cant [sic] fit into your old jeans or try on a pair in a size you usually are and they don't fit, it's whatever."

Lawrence concludes her message in the caption, "we are doing our best, and will continue to show up imperfectly." Her simple message of "be gentle with yourself" is an important one. As she relates, your body really is your home.