Get Ready to Sweat — Jeanette Jenkins's New Workout Is a 10-Move Bench HIIT Circuit

Jeanette Jenkins has trained celebrities like P!nk, Mindy Kaling, and Alicia Keys — and thanks to her Instagram workout videos, you can count yourself among her star-studded clientele. Along with motivational quotes and mouthwatering healthy food inspo, the trainer regularly shares fun fitness tutorials showcasing different kinds of workouts. Basically, if you're getting bored of your at-home routine or can't possibly do another crunch, you'll want to give Jenkins a follow.

Her latest post features a 10-exercise bench HIIT workout with NFL Super Bowl Champion DeMarcus Ware. You can follow along solo, or grab a friend and make it a partner workout. Outside of the use of a bench, this high-energy circuit doesn't require any other equipment, but you'll want to give yourself plenty of space to complete it.

Per Jenkins' instructions, you should do 10 to 20 reps of each move, and two to three sets of the full circuit. Check out the moves below, and remember to take rest breaks whenever you need them.

  1. Bench hop overs
  2. Bench side taps
  3. Triceps dips
  4. Triceps dips with toe touch
  5. Bulgarian split squat (modify with stationary lunge)
  6. Plank jack with shoulder tap
  7. Reverse crunch with double leg lower
  8. Wide and narrow plyo push-up with clap (modify with regular push-up)
  9. Deceleration jumps and step up (modify with squat)
  10. Deceleration jumps and jump up (modify with chair pose)

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