Celeb Trainer Jeanette Jenkins Shares a Fun and Fast-Paced Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Want a fun cardio workout that will target your entire body and get your heart rate up? Here's a seven-exercise circuit celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins shared on her Instagram page. She did it with personal trainer Beth Alexander — six feet apart, of course — because workouts are way more fun with a buddy!

This HIIT circuit workout includes seven bodyweight moves that are fast-paced, and require lots of jumping and planking. Even though these exercises are challenging, don't they look like fun? Grab a friend and try the workout below.

7-Exercise Bodyweight HIIT Circuit

Directions: Jenkins said to perform each move for 30 to 60 seconds, and to do two to three sets of each.

  1. 180 squat jump
  2. Power knee
  3. Jack + squat thrust
  4. Squat + 4 toe taps
  5. Plank jack + side plank kick through
  6. Plank to alternate ankle tap
  7. Plank + knee to opposte elbow