J Lo's 2022 Workout Routine Is as Intense as You'd Imagine

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Jennifer Lopez recently offered a peek at her intense fitness regimen for the new year, and, unsurprisingly, a glimpse was enough to make me sweat. In a video montage set to a remix of her song "On My Way (Marry Me) from her upcoming movie, the powerhouse is seen crushing an intense upper body workout, her toned abs and sculpted arms on full display.

From bicep curls and reverse crunches to lateral raises and cable machine chest flys, J Lo's packed routine has variety and utilizes a mix of dumbbells and weighted machines. While the duration and frequency of her workout is unclear, we'll take any opportunity to get a look at not only her routine, but also what looks to be her luxurious home workout setup, which includes a Louis Vuitton punching bag that retails for just $175,000. Watch the full video ahead.