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Try Jessica Alba's Booty Band Butt Workout

Jessica Alba's "Booty-Blasting" Workout Is Basically Guaranteed to Leave You Sore

Not sure what to do with those booty bands? Jessica Alba and her trainer can help. The actress and businesswoman shared a full booty band butt workout from warmup to cooldown (shot prior to social distancing protocols), and if her reactions are anything to go by, it looks painfully effective.

Alba and her friend Lizzy Mathis worked through sets of banded squat walks, fire hydrants, lying leg raises, and more, with personal trainer Aaron Hines demoing moves and giving cues on form. These moves are challenging on their own, so throwing in the booty band adds resistance and intensifies the burn in your glutes, as Alba and Mathis could clearly feel; Alba straight-up collapsed on the floor after a round of squat pulses, which is the only possible reaction to that glute-shaking move. If you're looking for a challenging new home workout with minimal equipment needed, give Alba's a try and feel the burn for yourself.

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