Watch Kaia Gerber Do Squats With Her Half-Asleep Puppy in This Adorable Ab and Butt Workout

It's unclear how supermodel Kaia Gerber got her puppy to stay still long enough for a workout, but she did, and it made for an adorable sweat sesh. As shared on Instagram by Kirk Myers, founder and CEO of the Dogpound gym, Kaia swapped out her weights for the tiny puppy during a set of Russian twists, glider side lunges, squat to overhead presses, and bicycle crunches, and the little dog hung in there like a champ. (Well, for the bicycle crunches, the puppy was actually just sleeping on the mat next to her, but we'll count it.) The pup's general attitude was "I don't know what's going on, but I'll go with it," which is essentially how I felt the last time I took a workout class, so buddy, I can relate.

Kaia was working out at the reopened Dogpound in LA, but this seems like a pretty good at-home workout solution if you have a pet that'll put up with it. (Yes, cats work, too!) I can't say it'll be quite as intense as a dumbbell workout, but I guarantee it'll be more entertaining. Watch Kaia's cute workout above!