Laurie Hernandez Casually Hits the Woah After Landing a High-Flying Double Backflip

Elite gymnasts across the country are going back into the gym to continue working on their skills and routines ahead of the Olympics next summerSimone Biles, for one, returned in late spring, and Morgan Hurd is executing beam tricks during practice with a mask on. We love to see videos of powerhouses flying through the air (defying gravity somehow seems even more mesmerizing amid a global pandemic), and 2016 Olympian Laurie Hernandez does so with ease.

In a video shared on Instagram recently, Hernandez, who returned to the sport in 2018 and is going for her second Olympic Games, does a double layout (a double backflip in a laid-out position) on a tumbling strip. But she also effortlessly — like it's no big deal — hits the woah afterward to show off her dance moves.

This was Hernandez's opening tumbling pass in her floor routine at the 2016 Rio Olympics. It's definitely impressive, and seeing her do the woah to celebrate is downright adorable. Many of us can't even hit the woah properly, let alone perform two flips in the air. As US national team member Jade Carey wrote in the comments to sum it all up, "queen." What a queen!