10 Minutes of Yoga During My Lunch Break Has Been Game-Changing For My Concentration

Getty Images | Young777
Getty Images | Young777

It's easy and totally understandable to be feeling distracted — and just generally tired — right now, and when you add holiday stress and safety concerns to the list, powering through the workday with full productivity can sometimes feel like a challenge.

For me, my midday slump has been hitting harder and harder while working from home. In an effort to clear my mind of anxieties, boost my concentration and energy, and stretch out the aching stiffness in my joints, I replaced my lunch break Instagram scrolls with yoga sequences.

Just 10 minutes (20 tops, if I can spare it) has been absolutely game-changing in helping me to refocus on the tasks on my to-do list and release the physical tension that leaves me sidetracked.

Before lockdown measures were put into place and my work shifted to my apartment, I'd normally try to walk around the block during lunch, or at least walk to pick up a salad at a nearby takeout spot. The short strolls helped increase my circulation, picked up my mood, and gave me a change of scenery.

Rolling out my mat and working through a quick sequence of Sun Salutations or Cat Cows before breaking for my meal does the very same thing, while also giving me an opportunity to connect to my breath.

And those deep inhales and exhales, especially when I do a Slow Flow sequence, serve a very positive mental purpose for me, too.

Not only do I end up feeling more present while eating (allowing me to enjoy my tasty lunch even more), but my mind also slows down. When I sit back down at my desk (or, let's be honest, couch), I can clearly prioritize my projects without getting quite as overwhelmed.

Sometimes it just takes a little movement to unwind, flush out all the noise, and take the daunting feeling out of an overflowing inbox.

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