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Magnus the Therapy Dog Works Out With His Owner

Need to Smile? Watch Magnus the Therapy Dog, Official Best Boy, "Help" His Human Work Out

Let's just establish that there are few things more pure than a dog working out with their human. Case in point: Magnus the Therapy Dog loyally assisting his owner in a solid full-body workout. One 30-second video, and we're falling head over heels.

Just watch the clip and look at this good boy: holding knees for sit-ups, giving high-fives in between push-ups, and hitting downward-facing dog poses like a natural. Magnus's owner, Brian Benson, works out seven days a week with his certified therapy dog by his side, so Magnus gets lots of practice. "Since I bring him to work with me, we are together almost every hour of every day and [are] virtually inseparable," Benson told POPSUGAR. They've been together since Magnus was just 1.5 years old. (He's now almost four!)

The best part about working out with Magnus? "When I lay on the floor to do abs, he will walk or crawl over to me and lie tight by my side," Benson said. Sometimes Magnus will lay his face or whole body on top of Benson, "which makes it hard to do abs!" he said. (We're melting.)

Watch Magnus's full workout above, and if you can't get enough of him, this social-media-savvy pup is also active on Facebook and TikTok. And if you just want more adorable dogs working out with their loving humans, check out Ella the yoga-loving golden retriever and Gus the English bulldog, official mascot of his owners' gym.

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