If You're Obsessed With Matcha, This Dentist Has Some Very Good News For You

Matcha is everywhere. You can buy it as a powder for tea or smoothies, add it to your favorite recipes, even slather it on your skin. And unlike other drinks (looking at you, sparkling water and kombucha), you can do so without worrying it'll damage your teeth.

"Because matcha green tea contains tannins (like any green tea), drinking it over time will stain your pearly whites," Jeffery Sulitzer, DMD, DDS, chief clinical officer at SmileDirectClub, told POPSUGAR. But those surface issues aside, matcha may actually be beneficial.

"Matcha is rich in catechins, which is an antioxidant," Dr. Sulitzer said. Research shows that the antioxidants found in green tea may benefit oral health by reducing inflammation and limiting the growth of bacteria.

"Bacteria is always growing in your mouth, which can cause dental problems such as teeth staining, bad breath, and cavities," Dr. Sulitzer explained. "Because of the antibacterial properties in matcha, drinking matcha beverages can actually help to suppress the growth of that bad bacteria in your mouth and keep your gums and teeth clean."

Just be careful not to drown matcha in sugar. "Sugary coffee and lattes are incredibly harmful to your teeth and gums. When you drink a sugary drink, the sugar attacks the enamel on your teeth and can damage your gums and eventually cause cavities," he said.

To keep your teeth healthy and cavity-free, make sure to brush twice a day for two minutes each time. And don't skip flossing!