Miley Cyrus Puts Our Cardio Workouts to Shame With Her Super Bowl Treadmill Training

Miley Cyrus is headlining the TikTok Tailgate at Super Bowl LV this year, a gig that we can only assume requires massive amounts of planning, preparation, rehearsals, and, yes, physical training. (If you think singing while performing complex choreography while looking your absolute best is a simple task, please rewatch the epic undertaking that was last year's halftime show with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.) So how is Cyrus getting ready for her own intense performance? She gave us a couple of sneak peeks on Instagram, and let's just say we're in awe.

In the clips, Cyrus is sprinting and walking on the treadmill while singing — basically combining vocal and physical training. And we need to take a step back here, because treadmill running workouts are hard enough as it is, but doing them while belting out Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl" is some next-level athleticism. Our guess? She's replicating how out of breath she'll be while dancing and performing, training her lungs to be able to sing during and right after intense cardio activity. She even inspired Lizzo to try! And while we won't be replicating this singing-sprinting training any time soon (perks of not having to exercise like a pop star), it's definitely motivating us for our next cardio workout.