You're Guaranteed to Sweat With the 10 Most Popular POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube Workouts

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If you've ever gone looking for a new workout on YouTube, chances are you've come across the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel. We have hundreds of workouts that span the spectrum of fitness (HIIT, dance, cardio, strength, yoga, and more), and while you'll get a good workout no matter what you click, some videos have definitely emerged as fan favorites over the years. Ahead, we've rounded up the top 10 most popular workouts on our channel, ranging from hip-hop Tabata and Zumba to a 60-minute, 600-calorie-burner that'll leave you dripping. Explore these greatest hits and try out whichever looks challenging today. Just make sure you grab some water (and a towel) before you get sweating!

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Bombay Jam Bollywood Dance Workout

This energetic, 10-minute dance workout is actually two quick routines in one, inspired by bhangra and Bollywood hip-hop dance styles and led by Bombay Jam Master Trainer Janani Chalaka.

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30-Minute Full Body Calorie Burner

Class FitSugar host Anna Renderer leads this no-equipment circuit workout that targets every major muscle group and will get you seriously sweating.

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5-Minute Standing Flat-Belly Workout

Only have five minutes? That's all you need for this fast-paced standing abs workout from Love Sweat Fitness founder Katie Dunlop. Get off the mat and work your core!

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A 30-Minute Tabata Session to Burn Some Serious Calories

Tabata is a form of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) that'll challenge you like nothing else: 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, and repeat until you're exhausted. Just 30 minutes long, this high-impact routine features air jacks (jumping jacks, but harder), push-ups, and burpees — and that's just the first 10 minutes! You'll need a sweat towel for this one.

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20-Minute STRONG by Zumba® Cardio and Full-Body Toning Workout

This high-intensity workout syncs every move to the beat, including jumps, punches, and squats for 20 minutes of muscle-burning cardio.

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Victoria's Secret Model Workout: 10-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit

This 2012 bodyweight workout is a classic. The quick circuit is led by Heidi Klum's trainer, and it focuses on leg work, core engagement, and balance to get your muscles working.

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30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout

If you're looking for a fast-paced dance cardio workout that never lets up, here you go. From the warmup to the final set of salsa choreography, this routine is set to Latin music you can't help but dance to — and you'll be dripping sweat by the end.

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This Killer Workout Torches Calories — About 500 in 45 Minutes

Get ready for the first of our ultimate calorie-burner workouts. Led by Jeanette Jenkins, this intense 45-minute workout aims to torch 500 calories, but no matter how many you end up burning, it's incredibly challenging and rewarding to make it all the way to the end.

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Burn 600 Calories in a 60-Minute Workout With Jeanette Jenkins

Ready to step it up even more? In this full hourlong workout from Jeanette Jenkins, the goal is to burn 600 calories! With kicks, push-ups, burpees, and squat jumps, it's no walk in the park to get there, but you'll feel strong (and so sweaty) by the time you're done!

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30-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata to Torch Calories

"You don't have to be a good dancer to be here!" This hip-hop Tabata torcher is our number one most-viewed workout for a reason: trainer Keaira LaShae gets you working with intense squat and cardio sequences, and her encouraging cues and enthusiasm will help you get into the rhythm, no matter what your dance background. You're going to have fun and sweat hard while you're at it!