I’m a Worry Wart, and This Natural Drink Mix Helped Me Feel Less Stressed

Some people are dreamers, others are artists. Me? I'm a worrier. I've accepted it: I'm always going to be the person who has considered every possible scenario and outcome, which means I'm always prepared.

Over time, I've learned the difference between productive worries (like wanting to choose the perfect outfit for a job interview) and unnecessary worries (like staying up all night obsessing over an awkward interaction I had the day before). Deep breathing and mindfulness meditation can help, but when I'm really stressed out, I find it hard to keep those unnecessary worries in check.

That is, until I discovered Natural Vitality CALM, a powdered magnesium supplement with somewhat of a cult following among the health-conscious set. I had heard of Natural Vitality CALM before — when I worked at a natural foods company, my boss was obsessed with it — but hadn't tried it myself until recently. Devotees say that sipping on the drink mix helps relieve stress and brings on a feeling of relaxation.

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Natural Vitality

During a particularly busy week at work, I decided to give it a shot. Natural Vitality CALM is simple to use: just mix ½ teaspoon of the powder into two to three tablespoons of warm water. After the supersatisfying fizzing reaction stops, you can fill your glass with whatever temperature of water you prefer: ice cold for a refreshing beverage or hot for a tea-like experience. The unflavored powder ($23) has a supermild, slightly tart taste, making it perfect for mixing into tea, coffee, or even a smoothie without altering the flavor. If you'd rather sip it straight, raspberry-lemon Natural Vitality CALM ($24) is also tasty!

Since I often have a tough time shutting off my mind at night — especially after a stressful day — I decided to mix myself the first glass of Natural Vitality CALM about an hour before going to bed. I could already feel my body start to relax as I sipped the drink while reading a book, and by the time I turned off the lights, I was completely ready to sleep. When I'm especially busy, I often have stress dreams about something I need to accomplish at work the next day or wake up in the middle of the night thinking about emails. After drinking Natural Vitality CALM, I slept right through the night — without feelings of stress or latent worries.

I decided to try Natural Vitality CALM again the following night, but this time, I activated the unflavored powder in warm water and mixed it with my favorite ginger tea. The ritual of sipping warm tea out of a mug was a lovely way to wind down before bed, and I once again felt a feeling of relaxation wash over me.

After just a few nights of drinking Natural Vitality CALM, it's safe to say that I'm a believer. I like ending the day with some Natural Vitality CALM as part of my nighttime routine, but it would also be a lovely thing to drink on the morning of a big day to help ward off stress. Either way, I see more moments of relaxation in my future.