This New Period-Tracking App Will Actually Remind You to Change Your Tampon


If you want a period-tracking app that can do more than simply log the days of your flow, allow us to introduce you to Orchyd. Like other choices in the app store, Orchyd gives users the opportunity to jot down the details of their flow, ovulation, sexual activity, and the symptoms they experience at different points in their cycles. However, the download is actually just one part of an entire menstruation system designed to target period care from every angle.

Let's start with the unique features in the app itself. In addition to the period logging section, the Orchyd app is connected to a 24/7 in-app and HIPAA-compliant telehealth service called OB-GYN Now. This network gives users the ability to chat with certified medical professionals and board-certified ob-gyns about any health concerns they have, at any time and without insurance, for a $29 a session. Courtney King, co-founder of Orchyd, said this is lower than the national copay.

The app is further enhanced with SafeFlow Reminders, which are notifications that alert you to change or remove your menstrual care product at the appropriate time. For example, you can log exactly when you put in your tampon, and the app will let you know it needs to be removed no later than eight hours later. Wearing menstrual care products for longer than recommended can increase your chances at developing toxic shock syndrome (TSS), so this is an especially helpful feature.

According to King, the aesthetics and design of the app were specifically chosen with inclusivity in mind. "There is no overuse of pink and flowery imagery and communicates with the user like a real person. There is no patronizing tone or overuse of emojis or euphemisms. It is designed for women and everyone who has a period, no matter their stage, age, identity, or cycle," she said.

The other defining part of Orchyd's menstruation system is a tiny blue-tooth enabled device called the Petal that connects to the app to ensure users are always prepped with period products when they're on their period.

"The idea for the Petal came out of our own personal experiences and in response to Murphy's Law of Menstruation, which states that 86 percent of menstruators have started their period unexpectedly in public without the supplies they need," Morgan King, co-founder of Orchyd, said.


The Petal can be placed inside Orchyd's Smart Wallet, which can hold a day's supply of period care products. When you're further than 25 feet away from the Petal during your predicted period window, your app will send you alerts. Basically, it was designed so you hopefully never have to panic in a public restroom or rush to the corner drugstore again.

The entire system (the app, the Petal, and the Smart Wallet) can be purchased for a one-time cost of $79, which includes a free lifetime subscription to the app.