Pink Sang Upside Down and Had Balls Thrown at Her Stomach to Prep For Tour

Pink is offering a glimpse into her intense workout regimen, on and off tour. In her Women's Health interview for the March cover, the singer-songwriter spoke about both her physical and mental health ahead of her Summer Carnival tour in June.

On top of working out three times a day while on tour, the mom of two especially works at keeping her core strong for the impressive aerial performances and mid-air acrobatics she's become known for. She tells the magazine that she had balls thrown at her stomach as she hung upside down while singing, in order to learn how to simultaneously sing and fly. As someone who's seen her live firsthand, I can confirm her voice does not falter while she's doing flips and ballet over a stadium crowd. "It's exhilarating," she says of her aerial stunts. "Every performance I get to do new things, so I'm always trying to top it."

"I identify with my core, my intuition, and my strength."

When she's not touring the world, Pink still works out every day. She's been working with celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins for over a decade, incorporating cardio HIIT, strength training, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, and more into her daily routine. While she usually trains through Jenkins's online program, The Hollywood Trainer Virtual Gym, Jenkins also creates specific plans ahead of Pink's performances and music videos, like focusing on side and wall planks in preparation for the pop star scaling a building while singing "Beautiful Trauma" at the 2017 American Music Awards. She also manages to squeeze in Peloton workouts here and there, specifically with Cody Rigsby.

"I like being strong," she says. "I identify with my core, my intuition, and my strength . . . I'm short, close to the ground, fast, and agile." Describing her body as the "strongest it's ever been," she jokes, "I could pick up a car if I needed to."

Because she "makes noise for a living," she prefers to "unplug and be in nature" when she's not working. After getting hip and double disc replacement surgery, and experiencing major losses in her life — she lost both her father and family's nanny to cancer — the singer says she was "probably a bit depressed" and struggled with losing weight she had gained during the pandemic, despite her rigorous workout routine.

She eventually embarked on a two-week wellness program in Spain focused on the Kushi diet, an anti-inflammatory diet based on small portion sizes meant to "deeply cleanse" the body. Aside from the nutritious benefits and weight loss, Pink says she was able to get rest that she wasn't getting before and carve out time to "meditate and cry and journal." Now, feeling like herself again, she reflects on the retreat as "the biggest gift [she's] ever given [herself]" and her kids.

Take a closer look at Pink's latest cover shoot below.