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30-Minute Leg Workout by Simone De La Rue, Jeanette Jenkins

This 30-Minute Leg Workout From Simone De La Rue and Jeanette Jenkins Has Our Quads Shaking

Living Room Legs With Jeanette Jenkins and Simone De La Rue

Today, Jeanette Jenkins - The Hollywood Trainer and her guest Simone De La Rue, creator of Body By Simone will teach you how to get Simone’s signature toned dancer’s legs from your own living room! Let us know in the comments below which of these moves made your legs shake! Be sure to watch the next POPSUGAR’s House Call with Jeanette as she shows you how to stay fit while at home with some help from her celebrity clients, trainers, and athletes.

Posted by PopSugar on Monday, December 14, 2020

It's high time for a new leg workout, don't you think? Lucky for you (and me, and all of us), NASM-certified trainer Simone De La Rue of Body By Simone and Jeanette Jenkins, creator of The Hollywood Trainer Club, teamed up to create one just for us. In this episode of POPSUGAR's House Call, the all-star trainers lead us through a 30-minute bodyweight leg workout you can do from just about anywhere. The workout starts at 7:00 and includes muscle-shaking moves like bird dog crunches, glute bridges, and pulses in every shape and form. If you're ready to work, check the routine out above! And remember to tune in for more episodes of POPSUGAR's House Call as Jenkins helps us stay fit and moving, featuring trainers, athletes, and even a few of her celebrity clients.

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