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Try This Intense Core Workout to Post Malone's "Circles"

This Woman's Intense Core Workout to Post Malone's "Circles" Will Have Your Abs Burning

If you're looking to "feed the flame" of your core, you can definitely start here! We're always looking for inspiration to jump-start our workouts and have our abs feeling the burn, and thanks to YouTuber Amanda Bisk and Post Malone, we definitely do. Amanda, a certified yoga instructor, exercise physiologist, and former Australian pole vaulter, recently put together a fiery core workout video set to Post Malone's "Circles," and while the song might have a bit of a chill vibe, the workout is far from that.

With a mix of fast and slow crunches and different plank variations that evolve during the verses and chorus, we can all agree this song has unexpectedly become a workout song. The equipment-free at-home workout is so easy to do, you'll immediately want to follow along . . . just make sure to lay down a mat before you start the video. Check out Amanda's description of the core moves here, and watch the video above for a Posty-inspired workout.

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