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Rebekah Ripley's Barbie Girl Floor Routine

This BYU Gymnast's Barbie-Inspired Routine Is a 10, Down to Every Detail

The Barbiecore fashion trend has hit the world of gymnastics. On Jan. 7, BYU Cougars gymnast Rebekah Ripley hit the mat at the Super 16 college meet in Las Vegas, her first performance since suffering an ACL tear in 2019. Perhaps inspired by the recent "Barbie" trailer starring Margot Robbie, Ripley's comeback routine was set to a 1997 classic: "Barbie Girl" by Aqua.

"I feel so overwhelmed with love and support from so many people it brings me to tears."

After kicking off her routine with an upbeat medley, including a cover of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" and "Get Ready" by The Temptations, Ripley transformed into a life-size doll. With a smile glued to her face, the gymnast began to rigidly move her arms and legs in unison with the squeaking sounds blasting from the loudspeaker. Like a true tumbling Barbie come to life, the talented athlete then performed a running front flip and stuck the landing. Videographer Hannah Kidd captured the entire routine on video.

Next, Ripley sprung across the mat, performing handstands, back handsprings, and complex flips. At one point, she landed in a perfect side split, waving her hands at the camera and shimmying her hips like a plastic doll. Keeping with the song's cheeky themes, the gymnast even popped her glutes in time with the music, all while wearing her ACL brace.

For Ripley, the routine was a chance to have fun and showcase her skills following her injury. "This past weekend was my first time officially back in a lineup and competing since my first ACL tear back in 2019," Ripley captioned Instagram photos of herself at the meet on Jan. 9. "Words cannot describe how grateful and blessed I feel. I feel so overwhelmed with love and support from so many people it brings me to tears. Years of hard work is finally paying off and it makes me so happy. I'm so excited for the rest of this season and for the opportunity to represent BYU Gymnastics. Go cougs."

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