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Rosalía's Fitness and Wellness Routine

The Wellness Routine Behind All Rosalía's "Motomami" Energy

Rosalía's Fitness and Wellness Routine
Image Source: Getty Images / Mariano Regidor

Rosalía is more than just an international superstar — she's a fashion icon, a trailblazing feminist, and the ultimate embodiment of a motomami. The title of her third studio album, "Motomami" is a Spanish slang word that can be literally translated as "biker chick." It's no secret that Rosalía considers herself a motomami, but it's not just because she grew up riding motorcycles. To Rosalía, being a motomami is more than that.

"Motomami is an energy," Rosalía said in a March 2022 interview with Billboard. "It's the way you feel."

Whether she's serving bombastic, gum-chewing side-eye while performing 'Bizcochito,' or singing bachata ballads like 'La Fama,' Rosalía's motomami energy is contagious.

The Spanish artist is getting ready to kick off two back-to-back shows at Coachella this weekend, followed by a full European tour this summer. Between constant travel and putting on one jaw-dropping performance after another, the tour life could inevitably be taxing on the singer, but from what we can tell, she's dedicated to keeping her mind, body, and spirit healthy.

Here's everything we know about what Rosalía does to stay well while on the road or at home.

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