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Get Sarah Hyland's 5 Go-To Ab Exercises

Sarah Hyland's Ab Workouts Are Next-Level, and We're Copying All Her Must-Do Moves

Get Sarah Hyland's 5 Go-To Ab Exercises

We love Sarah Hyland's approach to fitness. The Modern Family actress is all about feeling strong and confident in her body, and the workout content she posts to her fitness Instagram Story reflect that: one challenging exercise after another, focused on building muscle and feeling good. Because for Sarah, workouts aren't all about physical gains; they're also a big part of her mental-health routine. She's been open about her struggles with kidney dysplasia, a condition in which one or both kidneys fail to develop properly in the womb, which has led her to undergo two kidney transplants and multiple hospitalizations. Her chronic condition has kept her from the gym in the past, something she said has given her stress and anxiety.

So you know when Sarah works out, it's because it's something she really loves to do; when she's at the gym, she's making the most of it. Which means the moves she shares are efficient, effective, and crazy-challenging. When Sarah's not pounding out pull-ups and shoulder presses (believe me, we'll be talking about her upper-body exercises another day), she's crushing rounds of ab moves that make our core burn just watching. We were so inspired by her approach to fitness and her next-level core work, we had to collect her favorite ab moves to share with the world. Check them out ahead, and slip a few sets into your workouts for a burn that'll leave you sweating and shaking — but also feeling as strong and capable as Sarah! (Make sure to check out Sarah's Instagram to see more of her must-do moves.)

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