Somebody Invented Seedless Avocados, and We Have SO Many Questions

In today's WTF news, there's a seedless avocado that looks exactly like zucchini. British retailer Marks and Spencer is selling the pit-free avocados (officially called Cocktail Avocados) in stores, and soon after the company shared the photos, the strange-looking avos went viral. Not only are the avocados smooth all the way through, but the skin is edible, too — seriously! No knife skills are required to cut into these avocados, and people who suffered from "avocado hand" injuries just might be the target demographic.

We have a lot of questions about this, and we're not the only ones. Commenters on the brand's Instagram photo wrote things like, "What is this magic?" and, "Is this a joke?" Plus, of course, lots of people are concerned about this being genetically modified. To try to settle the confusion, Marks and Specer responded with, "The avocados are formed by an unpollinated avocado blossom. The fruit develops without a seed which in turn stops the growth, creating a small, seedless fruit." The avocados' package notes that they come from Spain, and they're perfectly ripe with a "smooth and creamy texture." I guess making guacamole is about to get a lot faster for some people in the UK!

Good morning! Just saw a post saying they're now modifying avocados to be seedless and I just have to say that God is not pleased lol. All that just to make avocado toast quicker. Who asked for this?

— Rodni Kaye (@Hotrodni) December 10, 2017