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Snack-Box Ideas From TikTok Dietitians

The Best Homemade Snack Boxes, According to TikTok Dietitians

Snack-Box Ideas From TikTok Dietitians
Image Source: Getty / Claudia Totir

Remember the joy of nibbling on Lunchables? Well, snacking on a box of bite-size foods that curb your hunger doesn't have to be a thing of the past. Now, dietitians on TikTok are sharing their secrets to making healthy snack boxes that are optimized to satisfy anyone's cravings, so you can go ahead and cancel that costly snack-box subscription. Whether you want a plant-based, blood-sugar-friendly, or protein-packed snack, these dietitians have got you covered with these super-convenient snack boxes. Opt for a double-stacked container for ample room, or grab a container with a divider if you prefer your snacks not to touch.

Either way, these bountiful boxes of satiating goodness can be built to your snacking desires. For example, if you know that you want to snack on a banana but yearn for a something more satisfying, you can pair it with foods that are "rich in healthy fats and protein, such as a handful of walnuts or a spoonful of nut butter," dietitian-nutritionist Jennifer Cholewka, RD, CNSC, CDCES, CDN, previously told POPSUGAR. Keep scrolling to see the healthy snack-box ideas that these registered dietitians love.

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