WFH Desk Posture Got You Down? Try These 15 Standing Back Stretches

Unsplash | Alex Shaw

With many of us still doing the whole work-from-home sit-at-our-desk-all-day (or couch . . . or bed) thing, it's not surprising a lot of us have started to feel a bit tense in the neck and back. Slumping over a desk is a common cause of neck and back pain, which gets even more magnified if we're working from our laptops in bed. Add to that not having as much movement in our day-to-day lives as before, and deep stretches become more needed than EVER. These back stretches will soothe your upper, mid, and lower back as well as your neck, and will leave you feeling relaxed, long, and flexible. The best part? These stretches can all be done while standing, and don't even require a yoga mat. Read on to try them for yourself!


Amazing Low Back Stretch by Joe Yoon

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Lower Back Stretch For Extension by Cioffredi & Associates Physical Therapy


Low Back Stretch by Miles Klauder

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4 Exercises to Reverse the Desk Hunch by POPSUGAR Fitness

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7 Upper Back Stretches For Pain Relief by Back Intelligence


Mid Back Stretch Relief by Nikki Bergen

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Guided Standing Posture Stretch For Your Upper Back by Michelle Kenway

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Power Yoga Workout to Stretch and Strengthen by POPSUGAR Fitness


Stretch Out Your Upper Back Muscle Knots by Dr. David Song

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4 Best Lower Back Pain Stretching Exercises While Standing by Exercises For Injuries


Upper Back Stretch by Basketball Doctors

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Full-Body Stretching Exercises by POPSUGAR Fitness


Nerve Flossing Stretch For Back/Neck Pain by Kaufman Chiropractic

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Quadratus Lumborum Stretch by Wizard of Health