I Just Found the Perfect Holiday Gift For All My Stressed-Out Friends

Pukka Herbs
Pukka Herbs
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Between cold weather, traveling, gift expenses, hosting duties, and a full social calendar, the most wonderful time of the year can sometimes be the most stressful.

While I usually encourage all my friends and family to indulge in spiked eggnog and festive movie marathons to cope, this season, I'm going the extra mile and gifting my stressed-out loved ones the Pukka Herbs Tea Advent Calendar ($17) in advance.

Fit with 24 sachets of Pukka Herbs' fan-favorite flavors (and three new releases), this Advent calendar will encourage the tea-lovers in my life to unwind with a toasty brew every busy day leading up to the holidays. Even better, each recipe is accompanied by a blurb that explains the essence of that sip, which further promotes a positive mentality.

In the spirit of mindfulness, I wanted to make sure my gifts were guilt-free this season. Pukka Herbs' teas check off all my boxes as they are certified organic, gluten-free, certified fair for life, and ethically sourced via sustainable means.

As you can tell, giving the gift of self-care isn't coming at the cost of my mental wellness. Trust, there will be no sleep lost over who likes what tea types; the array of samples — from supreme matcha green to mint refresh to three ginger — truly covers all the bases.

Plus, the packaging is so in tune with the season thanks to its holiday-themed motif of holly, ornaments, and reindeer that it could double as a festive hanger. I'll be skipping the wrapping on this one, it's that beautiful.

And you can bet I'm planning to practice what I preach this year — if you're considering the Pukka Herbs Tea Advent Calendar for your friends, make like me and treat yourself, too.

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