Improve Your Push-Up Form With These 6 Arm-Strengthening Exercises From Kayla Itsines

Push-ups are one of those moves that always feel challenging, no matter how often you do them or how strong you get. If you struggle to get through a set or just want to improve your form and endurance, Kayla Itsines shared six simple but effective exercises to help you build the strength you need.

Itsines describes these as "some of the most important exercises to help strengthen the main muscles used when doing push-ups." They're meant to increase your strength and hone your form, which can ultimately help you avoid injury. Itsines recommends incorporating a few of these exercises into your upper-body workouts, adding in the Instagram caption, "You'll be amazed at how much your push-ups improve." Check out her recommended exercises in the video above, and if you're committed to crushing your push-ups, try this four-week push-up plan with more arm- and shoulder-strengthening exercises.