I'm a Fitness Editor, and I'm Loving These Under Armour Leggings For Strength Training

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I'm a creature of habit, and when it comes to my workout gear, I'm extremely particular about the fit and feel. In general, I opt for gear that is functional, meaning I can actually move in it without feeling restricted. I also like products that are sweat-wicking, because the last thing I want to concern myself with is ass sweat revealing itself during and after a workout. From there, it's all about the look.

Sometimes I like gear that's vibrant, but I also like to rock a classic all-black fit. I typically purchase items and styles from the same two or three brands, but Under Armour recently sent me a pair of the new Meridian Crop Leggings ($60), and they are becoming a favorite of mine.

They're extremely soft, like a cozy blanket, and they meet all my requirements: sweat-wicking, functional, and cute. In my opinion, the leggings have a barely-there fit without being see-through, which is extremely important. I've only done general strength workouts in these leggings, and I'm happy to report that I have absolutely no complaints about the fit or function. If you're someone who wants a classic pair of leggings you can wear to any workout from yoga to CrossFit, I definitely think you should try these out.