These Underwater TikToks From a Synchronized Swimmer Are Nothing Short of Mesmerizing

Could you dance under water like you were on dry land? Yeah, me neither. Luckily, 17-year-old artistic and synchronized swimmer Silvia Solymosyová is here to show us — and her 340,000-plus TikTok followers — how it's done. The Slovak national team member posts incredible videos dancing, gliding, and spinning under water with ease.

Aside from some viral TikTok moves and pretty pointed toes, Solymosyová does handstands, jumps rope, and does exercises like squats and burpees at the bottom of a pool — at the request of other TikTok users. Most people (me) can barely keep up with the different dances that start trending on TikTok (I blame it on my inability to actually dance). But Solymosyová does them (and more!) with goggles and while holding her breath. And that is all kinds of awesome.

Keep reading for some of my favorite videos from this amazing athlete (plus, follow her on Instagram here). I could watch Solymosyová for hours on end. She's quite the talent to see!

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