2 Iconic USWNT Games Are Now Free to Watch on YouTube, So I Know What I'm Doing Tonight

Sports are on hold, the Olympic Games are postponed, and I miss my favorite teams and athletes more than I could've imagined. The US women's soccer team canceled their spring friendlies but were able to win two back-to-back tournaments before sports shut down: the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying Tournament and the SheBelieves Cup. Watching this team play never fails to make me feel empowered, strong, and fiercely proud, which is why I was thrilled to see that a selection of their full-length games were being uploaded to the FIFA and US Soccer YouTube channels, where anyone who needs a pick-me-up can watch them for free.

There are only two games available to stream (currently monitoring my subscription queue and crossing my fingers for more), but they're good ones. The first is a replay from the 2018 Tournament of Nations, a must-win game for the USWNT to take the tournament's title. The second, from FIFA, is the nail-biter semifinal between the US and England in the 2019 Women's World Cup. I won't tell you how either of them ends (because spoilers!), although you might remember a thing or two about that WWC semifinal. I'll be streaming these for the nostalgia and the suspense you only get from an evenly matched game but also to channel this team's confidence and brilliance and to feel a little stronger through the next few weeks and months. Keep reading to enjoy the games for yourself.

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USWNT vs. Brazil in the 2018 Tournament of Nations

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USWNT vs. England in the 2019 Women's World Cup

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