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Watch The Fitness Marshall on The Kelly Clarkson Show

The Fitness Marshall Taught Kelly Clarkson His "Toxic" Dance, and the Audience Got SO Into It

We've known and loved The Fitness Marshall, aka Caleb Marshall, ever since we stumbled across his always-on-point pop-song dance workouts on YouTube. That's probably why we felt like proud parents when we caught him on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Feb. 10, teaching his moves to Kelly and her guests, Peter Gallagher of The O.C. and model Lily Aldridge. In just four simple moves, Caleb put together a dance workout to Britney Spears's "Toxic" that the pop princess would be proud of and that Kelly absolutely loved.

Caleb demoed the moves nice and slowly for his celeb students, but when the music kicked in, it was all heart-pumping cardio. The onstage guests and studio audience quickly learned what Fitness Marshall fans already know: once Caleb gets going, it's basically impossible not to jump up, join in the fun choreography, and get caught up in his contagious energy.

"How are y'all feeling? Cause I'm out of breath!" Kelly said. Lily, at least, was totally into it. "I feel in shape! I'm ready to join the Booty Army," she replied (a shout-out to The Fitness Marshall's subscription plan). Peter said he needed a nap, and honestly, that's relatable. Watch the fun segment above, then check out The Fitness Marshall's new dance workout to "Yummy" by Justin Bieber for even more sweat-dripping cardio.

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