Bored With Your Cardio? Press Play on This "Yummy" Dance Workout From Fitness Marshall

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Between Justin Bieber's silky-smooth tone and the wanna-move-around beats, "Yummy", his first single in over four years, is a hit that we can't get out of our heads. Suitably, the Fitness Marshall — known for their high-energy (and sometimes low-energy) dance workouts on YouTube — recently came out with a follow-along three-minute dance number set to the track.

You'll churn some imaginary frozen yogurt (yum!), rub your stomach like you're hungry (makes sense), and do a lot of body rolls. When Caleb, who runs the Fitness Marshall, posted a preview of this dance workout to Instagram, he wrote in the caption, "This year is all about YOU and loving YOURSELF. That's why I created these videos, to let loose and have fun while regaining control of your mental and physical well-being."

So, are you ready to have fun? Find some room, press play, and follow along to the superyummy tune and dance moves. If you're looking for more, check out this ab routine also set to Justin's most recent hit. We promise neither will disappoint.