Lizzo Gets Real on TikTok About Managing Negative Thoughts and Body Image

Lizzo is known for her confidence and positivity, but the singer recently reminded us that she's not immune to feeling negative and getting down on herself. In a TikTok on Tuesday, Lizzo shared how she was getting ready to take a shower when she started having "all these really negative thoughts" about herself.

"What's wrong with me? Maybe everything, all the mean things people say about me, are true," she said. "Why am I so disgusting? Hating my body." Normally, Lizzo said, she'd bring up some positive thoughts to turn around her mindset, but just then, she didn't feel up to it. "And that's OK, too. I think these [thoughts] are normal," she said in the clip. "I know I'm beautiful, I just don't feel it. But I know I'm gonna get through it."

It looks like Lizzo's faith paid off. In a duet with herself, posted the next day, the singer filmed herself posing in front of the camera with a caption sharing that she woke up feeling better. "Not 100% but I'm getting there," she wrote. "Gave the parts of me I hated last night a rub & a hug." Check out both clips to hear Lizzo getting real about dealing with negativity and learning to accept those struggles as part of the journey.