These Videos of Pregnant Ballerina Ingrid Silva Training in Her Third Trimester Are Mesmerizing

Ballet is one of the most beautiful art forms, in my opinion, and I could gladly watch ballerinas rehearse and perform all day. Ingrid Silva, a Brazilian ballerina and member of the Dance Theatre of Harlem, has been documenting her rehearsals throughout her pregnancy, and watching her move with such control and grace while in her third trimester is beyond inspiring. I can barely do two pirouettes without getting dizzy, and to see Silva continue to adapt her routines to her pregnancy is nothing short of amazing.

For one video, she captioned, "My everyday class is a journey," while showing a snippet of herself celebrating a properly executed sequence. In a separate post, she discussed how people rarely see the behind-the-scenes work, and don't understand how the hips, back, and legs change, "which make it difficult for you to get mobility in some movements in your new body." Silva is embracing the changes her body has gone through throughout her pregnancy, and she looks beautiful at every stage.