Going on a Run is the Ultimate Friend Date—Hear Me Out

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Friend dates are always a welcome addition to my calendar, but I'll be the first to admit that between balancing work, home life, family life, and a fitness schedule, it's not always easy to squeeze them into my calendar, no matter how welcome they are. But my absolute favorite solution to the "too little time" problem is to schedule a running date with a friend. I'm sharing my four main reasons why I swear a run is the ultimate friend date.

It Allows You to Multitask

Remember how I said half the problem is being too busy to make time to see a friend and workout? Well, this happy solution allows you to do both. When you plan a friend date that incorporates a workout, it allows you both to cross a workout off your to-do list while getting to enjoy each other's company. Plus, for those times when working out seems like a chore (yep, they happen to us all), turning exercise into an opportunity to reconnect with a friend makes it an event to look forward to.

It Takes Pressure Off of the Workout

Whether I like it or not, sometimes I can be rather hard on myself even during simple, fun runs. But when I'm running with a friend, the focus isn't on me. I'm focused on the conversation, the route we're taking, the joy of relaxing into a cadence that's in step with my friend. There's no pressure to make a certain time or run a certain distance when the goal is simply to just enjoy the time together.

It Pumps You With Endorphins

I always feel accomplished and energized post solo run, so naturally I feel the exact same way when I'm joined by a friend. I love lacing up my UA HOVR™ Phantom 2 RUNANYWR Running Shoes ($150) and riding that endorphin high to keep the conversation flowing and the hangout lasting long after the run is over. And, if I'm being honest, most of the time when I ask a friend to join me for a running hangout, we have an end goal in mind. The run is just the means to get us there. Sure, we may show up sweaty or a little flushed in the face. But nine times out of 10, we're so amped from our workout that we keep chatting and forget all about a little sweat.

It Gives You Reasons to Explore

This may be one of my favorite parts of running in general: exploring new spots. But when you're joined by a friend, using a run as an excuse to check out a new neighborhood or spot in town is even better. Whether you have a place in mind for a postrun coffee or relaxation beforehand or you spot one along the way, running with a buddy is a great way to be a little adventurous and spice up your workout.