I'm a Marathoner, and My Secret to Running in the Snow Is Actually Super Simple

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I'm fully aware that my love affair with running isn't for everyone. To put it in more digestible terms: the way the internet talks about Timothée Chalamet is how I talk about running. For the most part, my friends are pretty on board with my running ruminations. The one thing I often find that no one can fully grasp is my desire — or choice, perhaps — to run in all conditions. Yep, even rain and snow.

But the funny thing is, my secret to running in the snow is actually really simple: layer up. Running while it's cold can be difficult, sure. That icy feeling in the lungs isn't always the most pleasant, I'll give you that. But, more often than not, making a run an enjoyable experience in incremental weather is simply a matter of preparedness.

Beyond making sure I have a safe route planned (yep, I know where all the icy patches tend to be), it's essential to opt for gear that will keep my body temperature properly regulated. In fact, any time I've ever been uncomfortable running in the snowy winter has been because I'm too cold or too hot. The solution for both just happens to be layers.

Layering helps me lock in heat when and where I need it most — looking at you, extremities — so that I'm able to get blood flowing to help keep my muscles loose and tension free. This keeps me moving safely, as injury comes when the muscles aren't properly warmed up. What's more, a solid base layer followed by a vest or windbreaker ensures that I stay dry, which is crucial to avoiding moisture retention, aka the precursor to chafing. And while overdressing is always a fear of runners, layering is a safe bet to stop overheating in its tracks. Trust me, it's easier to ditch a layer on a 10K than to magically find one on your route.

Although I can't say my simple secret to running in the snow is going to win anyone over the same way Timothée Chalamet would, I can say it's a fool-proof way to make a winter run more fun.

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