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The Best Nonstick Pan

I Finally Found the Perfect Pan and I'm Never Looking Back

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If you're on the lookout for a nonstick pan that you will love tenderly, invest in a Scanpan. Before you freak out over the $125 price tag, allow me to explain. I discovered Scanpan during culinary school while hunting for a small nonstick pan for eggs. Wary of Teflon, I inquired about alternatives. The store employee shared that Scanpan is nontoxic, made of recycled aluminum and ceramic, doesn't scratch, can be used with metal utensils, can go in the oven . . . and despite the price sucking my bank account dry, I hightailed it to the cash register.

Sure enough, the Scanpan delivered on all those promises. I can scramble or fry eggs without them sticking. I can sear a steak. I can make oatmeal without soaking the pot for the next three days. Cleaning is a cinch too. I can't remember the last time I had to break a sweat scrubbing down a pan. The food just glides off. I've had my same pans for almost a decade now. I love them. However, they do require a little fussy maintenance to make them last longer, but when you just threw down 100 bucks for a pan, the extra effort pays off. Remember to use medium heat or lower when cooking with them and be sure to hand wash and dry them immediately after using. If you can get on board with those two habits, you'll be in cook's heaven.

I've since given Scanpans to my parents, boyfriend, and best friends (spoiler: it's my go-to wedding gift). They are all now Scanpan believers. The Scanpan is the perfect pan in my opinion, and I'm never looking back.

The Best Nonstick Pan
Scanpan Professional Nonstick Fry Pan
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