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Chrissy Teigen Vogue 73 Questions Food Facts

Chrissy Teigen Says Fro-Yo Is the Most Overrated Food Trend of All Time

Chrissy Teigen answered 73 questions for Vogue in her episode of the magazine's video series, and she dished plenty of food facts. Chrissy pulls a fresh batch of banana bread from the oven — after receiving another delivery of ripe bananas, of course — and answers all the questions you've wanted to ask her yourself. In addition to talking about what it's like to work on her second cookbook, she gushed about the best thing John Legend cooks for her, the one food she'll never try, and the most overrated food trend of all time, in her opinion. Take a look at eight of the most interesting food revelations Chrissy shared, and watch the full video above, which includes an adorable cameo from baby Luna.

  1. The best kitchen hack she knows: "I'd say having your mom live with you — that helps."
  2. A late-night food she craves: Hot Pockets
  3. The most overrated food trend of all time: Fro-yo
  4. The one food she'll never try: Liver and onions
  5. Her favorite dish John cooks for her: Fried chicken
  6. The most popular dish in her cookbook: Lemony Arugula Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe
  7. The hardest part about writing a cookbook: "The writing."
  8. What we can expect in her next cookbook: "A lot more cravings."
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