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Magnolia Table Cookbook by Joanna Gaines

OMG, Joanna Gaines Is FINALLY Releasing a Cookbook!

For years, we wondered when Joanna Gaines would publish a cookbook, and now the wait is over! On Instagram, Joanna shared with her followers that she is releasing her first-ever cookbook, titled Magnolia Table Cookbook, presumably named after Chip Gaines's soon-to-open restaurant, Magnolia Table. She told fans, "After a week long photoshoot for our cookbook, celebrating with some homemade mac n cheese and brownie pie just feels right." From the sound of it, the recipes have been written and the photo shoot has ended, so it should only be a matter of months before we see the cookbook out on store shelves. It makes sense that Joanna, a gifted pie baker, would fill her cookbook with recipes like brownie pie and comforting family favorites like mac and cheese. We've reached out for more details, so stay tuned . . .

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