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McDonald's Soy-Based Vegan Burger Actually Tastes "Like Meat," According to Some People

Our usual order at McDonald's might be a Bic Mac and large fries, but we always get excited when the brand tries its hand at something new. Between its curly fries, giant burgers, and cheesy potato bites, McDonald's has recently come up with a lot of winners, but none of them seem to have gone down quite as well as its take on vegan burgers.

McDonald's introduced the McVegan in parts of Europe in 2017, and it seems like the meat-free option is going over well. Made with a single soy patty topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and its own vegan "special sauce," the McVegan has been so popular that it was sold over 150,000 times in its first month.

But this isn't just Mickey D's jumping on a vegan bandwagon, and the McVegan is more than your average bean burger. Before settling on the final recipe, the brand tried 100 different options, and it seems that it ended up nailing a winner. Reviews have so far been pretty positive, with one self-confessed meat eater from Malmo, Sweden, saying that it's "like meat" and another burger fan from Copenhagen confirming that McDonald's got the texture right: "It's good! I like when the texture is a little hard, so you can feel something between your teeth."

The only issue? It's currently only available in Finland and Sweden. So if we could please get the McVegan in the US, that'd be great.

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