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Ramen Burger Recipe | Video

Make a Ramen Burger at Home!

Engineered by Keizo Shimamoto and sold at Brooklyn, NY's Smorgasburg, the Ramen Burger — a shoyu-glazed patty nestled between two eggy ramen buns — has inspired legions of fans to queue up in line for a taste. Inspired by this over-the-top delight, we've developed a home-kitchen-friendly version — try it out and see what all the hype is about!

Ramen Burger

Ramen Burger


To shape the ramen into a bun, use ramekins that are similar in size to the burger patty. If you don't have ramekins, substitute pint-size deli containers.

Ramen Burger


  1. 1 package ramen noodles
  2. 2 eggs, divided
  3. 2 tablespoons neutral oil, such as canola or grapeseed
  4. 1 tablespoon ketchup
  5. 1/2 tablespoon sriracha
  6. 1 beef burger patty
  7. Soy sauce
  8. Sesame oil
  9. 1 slice American cheese
  10. 1 scallion, thinly sliced on the bias
  11. 1/2 cup arugula


  1. Cook the ramen according to the directions on the package (including the seasoning), then drain off the liquid. Let cool to room temperature. In a small mixing bowl, whisk 1 egg until no streaks of yolk remain. Add the ramen, tossing thoroughly to coat with the egg. Divide the egg-dressed ramen into two portions, and place each half into a ramekin.
  2. Cover the ramen with plastic wrap, and weigh it down with a can of soup to compress it into a bun shape. Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes.
  3. Add the oil to a skillet, and set over medium-high heat. Once the oil begins to shimmer, unmold the ramen buns into the pan, and cook until the bottom is a dark golden brown. Flip both of the patties, and cook until a dark golden brown on both sides.
  4. Whisk together the sriracha and ketchup in a small bowl.
  5. Season the hamburger patty with salt, pepper, a splash of soy sauce, and sesame oil. Wipe out the skillet, and cook the burger over medium-high heat until medium rare, or to your preferred degree of doneness. Finish with a splash of soy sauce and sesame oil. Top with a slice of cheese.
  6. Wipe out the skillet, and lower the heat to medium. Add 1 tablespoon of oil to the pan, and fry 1 egg sunny side up.
  7. Assemble the burger in this order: ramen bun, arugula, ketchup, burger patty (cheese side up), fried egg, scallions, and the second ramen bun. Wrap in wax paper for easier eating, and serve hot.

lauren lauren 4 years
this looks amazing, can't wait to try it! :drool:
Anna-Monette-Roberts Anna-Monette-Roberts 4 years
My friend and I made these a few nights ago . . . let me tell you SO GOOD! Even the vegetarians were begging for a bite. The bun is extra special . . . we topped ours with caramelized onions, deglazed in Japanese beer and shoyu, as well as avocado slices (instead of cheese). I highly recommend for even the burger adverse!
inspiralized inspiralized 4 years
Thanks so much for posting up this video, I used it and created my own healthy spin on it - I call it the Spiralized Burger, and I used grilled onions, tomatoes, a turkey burger, and an avocado & goat cheese spread... used spiralized sweet potato noodles as the buns. Posted it up here:
Enjoli14767200 Enjoli14767200 4 years
This recipe was absolutely amazing, but I was surprised to find it on a website dedicated to fitness. I used a Morningstar Farms Grillers burger with this recipe and extra virgin olive oil rather than canola and it turned out very well albeit extremely fatty (almost 50 g of fat per serving). This is one of those splurge recipes when you know that you have been doing great with diet and exercise and want to explore a new kind of comfort food.
nicoleiizuka nicoleiizuka 4 years
I mean... Ramen Spam Burger? I think that's next.
Nneka-Enurah Nneka-Enurah 4 years
Okay. I'm bummed that I didn't know about this in college! Trying this over the weekend.
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