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Starbucks Brunch Menu

Starbucks's New Weekend Brunch Menu Looks Out of Control

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The pictured brunch above, complete with caramelized pastries, a dizzying display of blueberries, and hypnotizing latte art, is not from a quaint hipster restaurant; it's from Starbucks. Say what?! Fortune confirmed news that Starbucks is testing out weekend brunch in 78 locations across Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA. Croissant french toast served with berries and whipped cream, vanilla bean Belgian waffles, and quiche are the current offerings. While not all the prices are displayed on the menu pictured, the french toast costs a mere $6, insanely cheaper than many restaurants. Though the items look freshly prepared, they're actually premade and warmed up at each Starbucks location, much like the other breakfast sandwiches and pastries. Last September, Starbucks released an Evening Menu complete with hot appetizers, beer, and wine, but since foot traffic is highest during the a.m., it appears Starbucks is returning to its early-morning roots to keep customers sticking around longer.

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