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Toasted Mallow Marshmallow Fluff

Cookie Dough Marshmallow Fluff Exists, and We'll Take 100 Jars, Please

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If eating marshmallow fluff straight from the jar sounds like your idea of a good time, you're going to freak out over this life-changing discovery. A company called Toasted Mallow makes gourmet, handcrafted marshmallows and 'mallow fluff in the most amazing flavors . . . including cookie dough! Fluffy marshmallows and (edible) chocolate chip cookie dough are truly a match made in heaven, and Toasted Mallow has mastered the art of combining the two desserts. The best — and potentially dangerous — part is that the homemade jars of marshmallow fluff are available for purchase online, and we're suddenly doubting any self-control we thought we might possess.

Located in Arizona, Toasted Mallow also offers an in-store menu that includes a made-to-order s'mores bar with 15 different flavors, and the online store's offerings expand to goodies like Rice Krispies treats and Mallow Pies. But it's the over-the-top marshmallow fluff that we can't stop drooling over, and we're going to need a spoonful ASAP! If you feel the same, keep reading to discover the best flavors that Toasted Mallow has to offer online, and good luck trying not to add every single one to your cart.

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