Among Us-Themed Doughnuts Were Spotted at Dunkin', So It's Game On

Dunkin' has really stepped up its creativity game lately with vegan treats, lemonade refreshers, and everything in between — and we mean everything. The newest addition to its evergrowing menu is Among Us-themed doughnuts, and they're not only adorable but also look so delicious! Based on the popular video game, these sweet treats look just like the characters, and they're filled with a strawberry cream that doesn't look sus at all. There are also blueberry and bavarian flavors. The only catch? They've only been spotted at Dunkin' locations in Korea, so excuse us while we form a petition to bring them to the United States ASAP!

Among Us has gained a huge following since it debuted in 2018, and it's only getting bigger. Dunkin' and gaming aficionados alike are already giving the doughnut chain extra points for this delicious creation, and fans outside of Korea are hoping to make them part of their crew one day in the future. Pro tip: we suggest enjoying these new doughnuts while sipping on one of Dunkin's secret menu items and, of course, playing Among Us. Game on!