Baileys's New Piña Colada Flavor Looks Like Vacation in a Bottle, and Our Bodies Are Ready

If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, then the latest Baileys product release is right up your alley. The alcohol brand recently dropped a new twist on its beloved Irish cream liqueur, dubbed Baileys Colada, and it has our beach vacation yearnings in overdrive. The limited-edition flavor combines notes of "creamy coconut" with "sweet, juicy pineapple" and boasts the usual 17 percent ABV that other Baileys offerings do. You can enjoy the boozy beverage over ice, blended into a frozen cocktail, or even poured over vanilla ice cream for a refreshing spiked dessert. If you're somehow on the fence about trying the mouthwatering drink, you'll certainly change your mind while scrolling through the yummy pictures ahead. Summer, please come faster!