21 Flawlessly Detailed Bridgerton Cookies That Even Queen Charlotte Would Approve Of

From Lady Whistledown's piping hot gossip to gorgeous gowns to romantic moments, Bridgerton is a flawless series, my dear. We simply cannot wait for the next season to come out! Until then, we'll try to fill the Bridgerton hole in our hearts by drinking Starbucks's Secret Menu Bridgerton-themed tea, watching other romantic period movies, and wearing the Phenomenal x Bridgerton collection.

But we need more than that 一 we also need these Bridgerton-themed cookies popping up all over Instagram. Yup, you read that right! This Bridgerton and cookie pairing is most enchanting indeed, and we're sure you'll melt over each and every cookie. From steamy drawings of Regé-Jean Page (BRB, still crying over him not returning for the second season) to Lady Whistledown's Society Papers to steamy quotes from the series, these cookies couldn't be more perfect. If you wish to be entertained like Queen Charlotte, check out (and fall in love with) the Bridgerton cookies ahead.