We Uncovered Disneyland's Chimichanga Recipe, So Who's Ready For Breakfast?

When you hear the words "breakfast is served," it's hard not to wish that you were at Disneyland being handed a hot, steamy, and filled-to-the-brim chimichanga, right? Only true Disney fans can relate to this, and we're right there with them. Disney's delicious food is one of the most magical things about the iconic parks, and that's because they add a dash of magic to each recipe (or so we think). Luckily, Disney enthusiasts have uncovered countless recipes over the years that are straight from the parks themselves, meaning you can re-create just about any food you'd like. Enter: the chimichanga.

This deep-fried burrito makes for the most mouthwatering breakfast you've ever had — trust us. It's packed with eggs, bacon, cheese, and more, and damn, is it good. To re-create this recipe at home, simply gather up all the ingredients you want (pro tip: add veggies and hash browns), and get cookin'! Stuff everything you want into a tortilla, and fry it up in a pan with hot oil. Before you know it, your taste buds will be transported to the nearest Disney park, where you'll experience pure euphoria. Now you can bring the magic of Disney right to your kitchen every morning. Enjoy!